October 19, 2016



SRII IIT is situated within the premises of City Garden Commercial Centre in Taman Nirwana, easily accessible via MRR2 and Jalan Ampang.



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The Main Lobby faces the front entrance of the school. The IIT Office and Administrative Section is located strategically here, to allow efficient monitoring of students and easy access for parents to meet the school staff.

A vibrant station, the Main Lobby is also where students can buy stationery and light snacks from the IIT Shop, run and managed by students on duty, under the supervision of the school.

The pick-up and drop-off point is also here. As a rule, to ensure safety, teachers must be present when students enter and leave the school. For an added safety feature, student and staff movement is monitored via CCTV, which can be viewed from the office.



Students have access to two libraries; one for the boys, and another for the girls.

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There are separate toilets for girls, boys and staff. Each unit bears two cubicles with added facilities for performing ablution. In order to appreciate the cleanliness of toilets, students take part in maintaining their hygiene.


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Classroom sizes are set based on the number of students in each particular grade. As in 2019, IIT is hosting 6 levels of grades, namely Primary 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Therefore, there will be a total of 6 classrooms.

The number of levels is meant to increase gradually with each each year IIT is in operation. The intention is so that we can maximise our level of interaction with students, allowing continued tarbiyyah with them.

Classrooms are well equipped with all the necessary teaching aids and are air-conditioned so that students thrive in an atmosphere that is more conducive to learning.

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