November 14, 2016




  • MemorizationAi??of Quran Al Karim using the following programs for learning-Ai?? Hifz and Muraja’ah, as well as Tilawah (daily reading / recitation)
  • Islamic KnowledgeAi??ai??i?? Tawheed, Fiqh, Sirah, Hadith & Akhlaq
  • AcademicAi??ai??i?? Mentoring, Arabic, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics & Science
  • School Holiday ProgramAi??(Nov ai??i?? Dec) ai??i?? Hafazan, Tilawah and Reading Programs ; Comprehension and Interaction
  • English and ArabicAi??as the main languages.Ai??Bahasa MalaysiaAi??is taught following the National curriculum


UNIFORM – Boys & Girls




Riadah is conducted both indoors and outdoors.

Archery is a non-compulsory extra or co-curriculum weekly activity conducted indoors. Meanwhile, students enjoy their Physical Education activities outdoor, atAi??a nearby park on Fridays.

Once a month, a Gotong Royong Day is held, where everyone in school including students and all members of the school staff work hand in hand in cleaning up the school premises and compound.





AnAi??annual memorisation/tilawah competition program is held to further promote the spirit of personal initiative amongst students in upgrading their memorisation and recitation skills. Students enjoy this healthy competition and the experience gives them a boost of renewed confidence. They love the teachersai??i?? and parentsai??i?? recognition, feeling acknowledged for the efforts they have put in. The icing on the cake are the certificates and rewards they receive, intended to further encourage them to remain consistent in memorising and reciting the Quran.




Every year, students participate in the Annual Outing Program, organised by the school.