October 18, 2016

About Us

Established in 2014, IIT is a centre where we STRIVE TO INSTILL A SOUNDER UNDERSTANDING of what GOOD/TRUE ISLAMIC CHARACTER really is.

We strive to help children learn the importance of loving the Quran and Sunnah and acting upon them in their daily lives to please Allah Azzawajal.

We have dedicated teachers and staff that work together to reach our objectives. Our teachers are trained in the IIT proven method of teaching/imparting Islamic knowledge to the children.






We adhere to Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) saying that children are born pure at heart, in the state of fitrah.

We believe that when we truly practice our Islamic values in this life, our actions will be rewarded with better life and opportunities both here and, Inshaa Allah, in the Akhirat.

Inshaa Allah, with a better understanding of our true purpose in life, we will all have a better chance of maintaining good character and becoming stronger and more steadfast servants of Allah.

As adults, we know that children may or may not understand the intricate aspects of Islam or even why they need to know and learn them. Most of the time, they may grasp the general idea through learning from and observing their parents. For many children, however, this may not be enough for them to form a clear and true understanding of the Islamic way of life. In IIT, the learning process is a thriving atmosphere where every teacher, staff and personnel complement each other in striving to teach, coach, define, and reintoduce knowledge.

Teachers are true students of knowledge whose learning process is a continuous one. Their knowledge must be sound in order to introduce and impart Islamic principles to students. As such, there is a need to consistently return to knowledge gained, continue to contemplate, re-examine and revise.

Learning about Islam expands beyond classroom based knowledge, extending to a multitude of etiquette – covering table manners, hygiene, being of service to the school, behaviour during play or even during time spent with fellow students during recess or free time. These are countless opportunities of teachable moments for the teachers to offer guidance and straightforward lessons of tarbiyyah – either individually, collectively or through classroom activities. The environment where teachers are always made accessible to students has proven to create a stronger bond between the students and their educators.

Students look up to teachers as their guides and leaders to help them process new information. At the same time, teachers attentively assess students’ understanding and ability to reflect and implement knowledge and advice. Following this, the students then move on to teach their other friends; thereby, living and carrying in their hearts the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (saw) of learning and passing on knowledge to others.



To lead students to adopt the correct Islamic way of life;

To train students to become good, strong, and steadfast muslimin/muslimah, who are Ikhlas and possess sound Iman;

To encourage students to become leaders in their own right, as part of their striving for Ihsan;

To help build an excellence in character, Islamic understanding and values;

To help instil the correct sense of pride in the students’ Islamic identity;

To furnish students with good values and the Islamic way of socialising, covering their interaction and behaviour with others, as well as their behaviour when they are alone on their own;

To teach duniawi and ukhrowi knowledge, in the hope that each student will become a productive person to their families, school and the community at large.


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